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You could say that Patrick Mathey was born under the sign of the pig. As a child, at the home of his Spanish grandma in Murcia, he fell in love with the noble creatures watching them feast on figs under the trees.

At the age of six he was already scraping the meat off freshly grilled pork legs and plunging both hands into the ground chorio meat. The smell of a madeleine dipped in tea could bring tears to Marcel Proust’s eyes; for Patrick Mathey, it’s the smell of paprika, freshly ground peppers, and star anise that sparks memories of perfect days spent at his grandmother’s.
Later, under the loving tutelage of Madame Juliette Poupée at Brasserie du Théâtre in Dijon, he became a master of traditional Burgundy charcuterie at the tender age of 14, preparing every kind of pork product under the sun, from pâté en croûte to terrine to liver mousse.

All of Mathey’s saucissons are made of 100% blended pork stuffed into natural casings and contain no gluten, preservatives, nuts, or dairy products. All raw hams are salted, dried, and cured for over a year.

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