Volaille Exquise

Portneuf RCM

Meat, Charcuterie, and Sausages

Period of the Year

Year-round vendor

Volaille Exquise offers poultry raised without animal or bone meal or antibiotics on their farm in Donnacona, in the Portneuf region.

Visit their shop for grain-fed chicken, goose, turkey, Moulard duck, and rabbit. They bring in fresh eggs every day and also offer quail, pheasant, Guinea fowl, and partridge, depending on supplier availability.

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Phone Number

418 462-0999


Volaille Exquise
1480 route 138,
Donnacona (Québec)
G3M 1C8

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  • Grain-fed chicken
  • Duck
  • Grain-fed turkey
  • Rabbit
  • Eggs
  • Prepared foods

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