Panier & Pignons

Québec City Area

General market

Processed and prepared Foods

Period of the Year

Year round vendor

Panier & Pignons is designed to round out your Grand Marché shopping experience. The concept behind this “general store” is to make Grand Marché a one-stop-shop for all your basic grocery needs—without breaking the bank. You can start your shopping at the specialty vendors and then finish up at the general store.

It’s a friendly place to fill your basket, with the same attentive customer service you would expect from a traditional general store.

Handy tips, recipe ideas, a special request to find a particular product—enjoy convenience with a human touch.

Contact a merchant

Phone Number

418 692-2517, ext. 137


General store of the market


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  • Bulk foods
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Dairy products
  • Fresh produce
  • Spices
  • Cut flowers
  • Gourmet foods
  • Microgreens

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