Chocolat Harmonie

Québec City Area

Sweets and Chocolates

Period of the Year

Janvier, Février, Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Août, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Décembre

Chocolat Harmonie uses a semi-artisanal method to craft a wide range of chocolates, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate (70%), Belgian milk chocolate, white chocolate, and sugar-free chocolate.

All of Chocolat Harmonie’s products have been certified 100% peanut-free for over 17 years. A pioneer in the confection of maple-flavored white chocolate, Chocolat Harmonie also has a special line of Lune de Miel honey chocolates and hard candy, two treats sure to bring back childhood memories!


  • chocolates
  • chocolate-covered goodies
  • artisanal products

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