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Île-d'Orléans RCM

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Ferme François Gosselin is a family business that has been in operation for over seven generations. The current owners are Sylvie Gagnon, Gabriel Gosselin, and Louis Gosselin. While the farm also produces maple syrup products and grows raspberries in greenhouses, it is known for growing and selling strawberries. To maintain its status as a leading berry grower that offers products that exceed quality standards, the farm has its employees closely monitor the berries at all stages of production. It also makes deft use of different production techniques and plant types to extend the harvesting season from June to October.

In addition to its reputation as a berry grower, Ferme François Gosselin is known for its support of sustainable development and its use of environmentally friendly farming practices.  The farm has made introducing alternative control strategies to pesticides and maintaining biodiversity in the area its priority.

Ferme François Gosselin is a thriving business involved in research, innovation, sustainable development, and marketing—but that never loses sight of customer satisfaction.

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418 828-2866


7549, chemin Royal
St-Laurent-Île-d’Orléans (Québec) G0A 3Z0

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  • Strawberries (June to October)
  • Raspberries grown in a greenhouse (July to September)
  • Maple products (all season long)

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