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Le Pied Bleu also called Le Roi du Boudin in markets is first and foremost a family-owned caterer and artisanal charcuterie company.
The team specializes in cooked charcuterie and produces a 13 times medal-winning blood pudding in Mortagne-au-Perche, France.
For the last 12 years, Thania Goyette and Louis B. Trudeau are always introducing new flavours of black and white blood pudding.

Le Pied Bleu is a welcoming place where you can meet this duo, and discover the world of artisanal charcuterie with products prepared here in Quebec. Soups, custom sandwiches, blood pudding, charcuterie and more are waiting for you.

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418 692-2517, ext. 117


179 Rue Saint-Vallier O.
Quebec, QC
G1K 1J9


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