A welcoming destination

Inspired by the world’s most iconic markets, Grand Marché de Québec is a warm and welcoming destination unlike any other. The market is designed to be a major agrifood hub for the region, where visitors are able to interact directly with over a hundred passionate local producers and processors.

Grand Marché is located in the largest public square in Québec City and includes a family zone, food courts, and countless activities—every season brings a host of exciting experiences and outstanding new products for visitors to enjoy.

The market is more than just a gourmet food destination—it's a space for agrifood businesses to get their start and thrive for generations. The goal is for Grand Marché to become a key regional hub and a benchmark for all of Canada.

With this major project, Québec City is investing in the quality of life of its residents by providing local, healthy, and sustainable food, in partnership with agrifood industry stakeholders in and around Québec City and Lévis.

An innovative market built on tradition

Québec City’s markets have evolved over time to meet the needs of the city’s residents. The city’s first covered markets were built in the early 19th century and originally stood in the city’s main public squares. By opening in Place Jean-Béliveau, Grand Marché de Québec will follow in the footsteps of the traditional markets of the past.

Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec

Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec (CHQ) promotes and encourages public access to regional agricultural products, producers, processors, and artisans. CHQ was formerly the manager of Marché du Vieux-Port and now manages Grand Marché de Québec.