Seasonal Products

Four Seasons

A wide variety of local producers will work hard to supply Grand Marché so you can buy quality local products all year round. Every morning, the stands will be filled with fresh products grown right here in Québec.

Delicious Products for Every Season

Each season has its own distinct flavors to discover and enjoy. Snow crab draws crowds in the spring, summer is all about delicious berries, and the vibrant colors of fall vegetables invite visitors to celebrate the harvest.

Discover all the seasonal products Grand Marché has to offer!

Fresh Vegetables

Greenhouse Tomatoes, lettuces and cucumbers May to December
Asparagus April to July
Carrots June to November
Field Spinach, Radish and Lettuces June to October
Beets July to December
Broccoli July to December
Green and yellow beans July to October
Cauliflowers July to October
Corn July to October
Leeks August to December
Field tomatoes August to October
Eggplants, squash and zucchinis August to October
New potatoes August to November
Pumkins September to November

Fresh fruits

Rhubarb May to August
Strawberries June to November
Raspberries July to October
Blueberries July to October
Gooseberries July to August
Groundcherries August to November
Plums August to November
Melons August to October
Apples August to November
Fresh Cranberries August to December


Snow crab March to April
Shrimps March to April
Lobster May to October
Oyster September to January
Scallops All year long
Mussels All year long
Northern shrimps January to October